Silverbell Care has exceptionally high standards and experience in providing expert care in the home; we know that even a brief visit to deliver your daily paper is not something to be rushed.

Silverbell Care strongly believe that there should be no pressure to rush the tasks of daily living and feel this is especially important for the elderly or individuals with physical disabilities, where maintaining safety in their environment is paramount. We do not want to rush our carers and we do not want our carers to rush you.

During our visits, our staff can offer support with not only personal care but also by providing company and conversation. We feel passionate about building strong, trusting relationships and believe this can only be achieved by investing time rather than delivering short bursts of care.

If you are simply seeking the reassurance of having someone visit your home to check you have everything that you need, then Silverbell Care can offer a flexible service with your choice of visit-lengths which can be adapted to suit your needs.

This can be with a carer visiting 1 or 2 times per week instead of daily.

We offer a range of care calls starting from 30 minutes leading to full 24 hour support. Whether you need help with chores, shopping or support with personal care, medication and food we are there to help!

Silverbell Care can provide you with...

  • One to one support in your own surroundings.
  • As a couple, our care allows you to remain together and continue to live with no extra stresses of being apart.
  • Flexible care, from companionship through to 24 hour live in complex care.
  • Highly skilled and committed, empathetic and compassionate care staff.
  • Involving your family and friends at all times to ensure you are a happy and comfortable as possible.